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Medhat Rakha

Medhat Rakha

Medhat Rakha has been using Mathematica since 1994, in the research areas of Lie algebra and special functions. He has used Mathematica and the Wolfram Language in many of his publications, and he incorporates both in his specialized university courses in linear and abstract algebras. With the support of UNESCO and Wolfram Research, Rakha organized the 2004 Mathematica Gulf Conference at Sultan Qaboos University in the Sultanate of Oman.

Rakha began his academic career in 1993 as a mathematics lecturer in the Department of Mathematics, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt. In 1998, he obtained a PhD in algebra and special functions and was promoted to assistant professor. Rakha has taught courses in a wide range of topics in pure and applied mathematics. He began teaching Mathematica courses in 1999 and organized the first Mathematica workshop in the Middle East, titled “Mathematica in Education and Research,” held in Ismailia, Egypt, in 2001. He is now a professor and head of the Department of Mathematics.


Department of Mathematics, Suez Canal University, Egypt


BS in Mathematics, The University of Benghazi, Libya
MS in Mathematics, Suez Canal University, Egypt
PhD in Mathematics, Suez Canal University and Texas A&M University


English, Arabic


Computational algebra, basic and multivariate hypergeometric series, q-Beta integrals