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Yulia Ratushava

Yulia Ratushava

Yulia Ratushava has been using Mathematica and the Wolfram Language since 2001, beginning with research in the nonlinear oscillations theory of dynamic systems. Because her investigations require high-performance computations, Mathematica has been her chief and indispensable assistant. Ratushava’s research has been published in scientific journals and Belarusian conference collections.

Ratushava taught laboratory classes on computer mathematics at Belarusian State University. She is now a faculty member in the Faculty of Digital Economics at Belarus State Economic University, teaching higher algebra and geometry, mathematical methods in economics, econometrics, discrete math and automation of economic calculations.


Belarus State Economic University, Minsk, Belarus


Masters in Differential Equations of Mechanics and Mathematics, Belarusian State University
PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Belarusian State University


Russian, Belarusian


Wolfram Language, mathematical modeling, differential equations, the theory of nonlinear oscillations, polynomial algebra, high-performance computing, literature (fiction, fantasy, detective stories), classical music, gluten-free cooking, knitting, pets